Top Ranked Athletes in Australia

This page looks specifically at each athletes top performance (by event), ranking each Australian athlete by their total points achieved for that event (using the IAAF Points Table). Note: You can also find any score for an athletic performance by using our online calculator by clicking here.

Although this ranking list endeavours to rank performances across all events (and male versus female), it doesn’t take into account a collection of results per athlete across the year and also doesn’t take into account the weather conditions, competition, venue (track) or other key variables linked to each individual result.

Top Recent Performances

Stewart McSweyn (TAS)
Stewart McSweyn (TAS)1,252 points
3000m – 7:28.02 [NR]
Jessica Hull (NSW)
Jessica Hull (NSW)1,202 points
1500m – 4:00.42 [NR]
Nicola McDermott (NSW)
Nicola McDermott (NSW)1,199 points
High Jump – 1.98m [#=2 A/T]
Matthew Ramden (WA)
Matthew Ramden (WA)1,185 points
Mile – 3:51.23 [#3 A/T]
Oliver Hoare (NSW)
Oliver Hoare (NSW)1,180 points
1500m – 3:34.63
Peter Bol (VIC)
Peter Bol (VIC)1,175 points
800m – 1:44.96

Overall Performance Rankings – 2020

Australian Performance Rankings - 2020