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Welcome to Athletics StatsCentral

I’m excited to bring you a website dedicated to Australian athletics. My passion for this sport has lead to the development of this site, with an emphasis and focus placed around detailed statistics of this amazing sport.

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Our Focus in 2021 – The Next Generation

In 2021 we will follow 25 up and coming stars of athletics in Australia. These athletes are the future of our sport, and we are very excited to see what they can produce across the 2021 season. We will be including detailed profiles of all 25 athletes, as well as offering detailed analysis of all their results throughout the year. Some of the athletes listed will be setting their goals on making it to the Tokyo Olympics, while for others it will all be about making another important step in their athletic careers.

Our 25 Focus Athletes

Exciting Times Ahead

We can only hope that we get to see the stars of our sport have the opportunity to provide lasting memories in 2021!

Chris Wainwright


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Junior and Youth Ranking Lists – Eligibility2020-12-31T05:39:10+00:00

Please remember that an athlete needs to be under the age of 20 (for junior lists) and under the age of 18 (for youth lists) for the entire year to be eligible for list purposes. Therefore, as an example, if an athlete was aged 19 at the start of 2021 but then turned 20 in November, that athlete would be ineligible to be listed as a junior athlete for that year.

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