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All-Time Rankings

Our all-time rankings pages will remain the number one focus of this website. We aim to provide weekly updates to our ranking lists, detailing the major movements within each event.

Our ranking lists offer more than just Open performances, with additional lists added for both Junior (U/20) and Youth (U/18) levels. There are also unique road ranking lists, as well as top-20 listings for events such as the 300m or 1000m.

Over time we hope to add as much depth to each list as possible, with additional research constantly being undertaken to update where required.

Men’s all-time rankings hub
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Key Performances

Athlete Focus

Throughout the domestic and international athletic seasons we take a closer look at the key performances being produced by our Australian athletics stars.

We take a look at breakthrough performances, up and coming athletes as well as a close look at the ‘next generation’.

Athlete Performance Updates


Our Top Australian Athletes

Performance Rankings

At Athletics StatsCentral we love our ranking lists, and here we rank all our Australian athletes on one performance ranking list. We use the most current IAAF ranking tables to see how each Australian athlete is ranked.

By clicking below you can also access our online calculator, which takes any athletes performance and calculates the points associated with that performance. This is also what we use to produce our performance ranking lists.

Performance Rankings Hub


Focus Events

Mile to Multi Events

We take a closer look at some more unique statistical aspects of our amazing sport. Everything from our look at our distance stars (combining the 1500m, 3000m and 5000m) right through to our specialist Mile page, which details at every male athlete ever to break the magical 4 minute mile.

There is also an in depth look at our multi event stars, with a focus on the individual performances at each of the events that cover both the men’s decathlon and women’s heptathlon.

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